Carmike Goes Digital

Dan writes:

Starting last Friday (March 30th) I noticed a remarkable improvement in the quality of the projected image at the Carmike theatre in Albemarle Square. It seems that one or more of the theatres now have DLP projection equipment and the results are breathtaking.

Lindsay Barnes writes about this very topic in the latest Hook, explaining that, yes, Carmike has gone all digital. I don’t often go to movies, and I’m no film buff, but I did see TMNT on opening night (I’m a child of the 90s, what can I say?) and I have to admit that no difference was obvious to me. Carmike has a website explaining their switch to digital. What I’m excited about, as Barnes explains in his article, is how this will totally revolutionize film distribution, eliminating the costly step of creating prints and shipping around enormous spools, making it possible for independent filmmakers to have their work screened far and wide at zero cost.

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