Three Candidacy Announcements

Marcia Joseph Three more people have announced they’re running for local offices in the past few days. Democrat Marcia Joseph (pictured at right) held an event at Sutherland yesterday to announce that she’s running against Republican Ken Boyd, who represents the Rivanna district on the Board of Supervisors. She’s the chair of the Planning Commission, and is campaigning on the need to sharply curtail development — she led last week’s unanimous vote against Biscuit Run.

Republican John Dawson is running for Clerk of Court, the Daily Progress reports, the only candidate to announce since Shelby Marshall announced her retirement after holding the seat for 40 years. Dawson, owner of Dive Connections, used to head up the county Republicans, and has advised Ed Robb and Jim Camblos on their past candidacies.

Finally, Democrat Kevin Fletcher is running against Lindsay Dorrier again, writes the Progress, challenging the Democratic incumbent for the nomination. Fletcher, who runs a property maintenance company, ran as a write-in against Dorrier in ’03. He’s interested in increasing the stock of affordable housing and getting the county to work with UVa and Charlottesville on transit issues. Republican Denny King will run against whomever the party nominates.

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