Chip Harding to Run for Sheriff

Charlottesville police captain Chip Harding is preparing to run for Albemarle County sheriff, The Hook reports. He’s planning an announcement on Tuesday.

It’s been widely rumored that Sheriff Ed Robb — who took the job after being knocked out of the state senate by the late Emily Couric — has been planning on retiring and intends for Harding, a fellow Republican, to succeed him. Robb won last time around, despite getting less than half of the vote, because he faced a pair of independent challengers who divided up the remaining 51% of the vote. His tenure has not been a particularly impressive one, including declaring his deputy’s still-unexplained shooting a “hate crime” and proposing that we camouflage the jail so that terrorists can’t find it.

Larry Claytor, one of Robb’s opponents last time around, is widely expected to run again.

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