Judicial Appointment: Higgins vs. Camblos

Bob Gibson writes in today’s Daily Progress that the contest for Judge Paul Peatross’ now-vacated seat comes down to Republicans Cheryl Higgins and Jim Camblos. The other applicants might be perfectly fine, but they’re not a) Republicans or b) playing the political game. Legislative aides are awash in complaints about the possibility of a Judge Camblos — constituent calls are about opposing him, not supporting others, because he’s just that unpopular of a guy. Del. Bill Janis, an old friend of Camblos, fully intends to put partisanship ahead of good public policy, but Gibson figures that Dels. Rob Bell and David Toscano are probably undecided at this point.

If you want to express your feelings on the candidates, you can contact Del. Bell’s office (804-698-1058, DelRBell@house.state.va.us), Del. Janis’ office (804-698-1056, DelBJanis@house.state.va.us), or Del. Toscano’s office (804-698-1057, DelDToscano@house.state.va.us), depending on who your delegate is. Sen. Ken Stolle is the guy who ultimately calls the shots on this, since he’s the chair of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, so those with particularly strong feelings would want to contact his office (804-698-7508, district08@sov.state.va.us). No matter who you call, you’ll be greeted by somebody whose sole job is to take calls like this — it just takes a minute, and can make all the difference. Unless your representative is Del. Janis. I can’t see how that’ll do anything.