Louisa Also Gets No VDOT Answers

Louisa County officials are getting annoyed with VDOT, Leyla Santiago reports for NBC 29 — VDOT has proposed closing the Louisa maintenance facility, but won’t provide any details as to why. The county sent a letter to VDOT in late November with a series of concerns that they’d like addressed before the agency’s self-imposed December 15th decision deadline, and they haven’t heard a peep from VDOT. As with Albemarle, VDOT hasn’t given Louisa any data about why the facility is being closed or how the roads will be maintained at an acceptable level without it.

Jeremy Borden reported for the Daily Progress today that the Albemarle BOS voted unanimously against closing the Albemarle facility in Free Union, specifically citing the lack of coherent data from VDOT.

This is going on in just about every county in the state. I’d provide a link to more information about this on VDOT’s website, but if they have any information available, I certainly can’t find it.

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