CVS Tangles with BAR

The BAR has told CVS to bugger off, Will Goldsmith reports in the current C-Ville Weekly. The pharmacy wants to move their location on the Downtown Mall to the corner of West Main and McIntire, where the equipment rental company is now. But the Board of Architectural Review is pretty annoyed with the developer, who is trying to put up your standard CVS with nothing more than a nod to BAR standards — a one-story box with a fake second story, with no residential or office-space components. The developer is no more happy with the BAR.

Those fake second stories look so stupid — just stand to the side or behind the building and it’s always obvious it’s one step above cardboard held up with a few 2x4s. The developer, apparently trying to sound threatening, says that CVS might bail on the new location entirely. Boo. Hoo.

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