Beebe Pleads Guilty

William Beebe today pleaded guilty to the rape of a UVa student in 1984, Kristen Gelineau report for the AP. Beebe famously confessed in writing to his victim out of the clear blue sky last year, leading to his arrest and then claimed that he did no such thing, despite having, y’know, confessed. The state’s end of the plea deal will have him serving two years in prison.

9:30pm Update: I should have noted that while Beebe pleaded guilty to the rape, the charge to which he pleaded was sexual battery, not rape. Beebe made a statement on his plea today, and The Hook provided the video.

Kudos to The Hook for both recording video and making it available via YouTube.

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  1. If you read the recent stories, this case gets more disturbing–apparently what’s emerged recently is the likelihood that Mr. Beebe was not the only one who took sexual advantage of Liz Seccuro on that evening. It sounds to me like one thing that has happened is that Beebe is perhaps cooperating with further investigations of other men who may have raped her that night.

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