Man Arrested for 1984 Rape at UVa

On NBC 29, Paul Merrill had an interesting story yesterday about a Las Vegas man who was arrested after confessing to raping a fellow UVa student 21 years ago. It seems the guy got in touch with the woman and confessed that it was he who raped her at Phi Kappa Psi, where he was a frat brother at the time. She reported him to police, where he’s being held without bond before being brought back here. Apparently, she reported the incident to UVa at the time; it’s not clear that they did anything about it.

1:22pm Update: DP alum Carlos Santos has a more detailed article in today’s Times Dispatch.

5:00pm Update: And Sarah Berry interviews the victim in today’s Progress.

10 thoughts on “Man Arrested for 1984 Rape at UVa”

  1. Okay I know this is going to make me sound like an awful human being… but “damn” what kinda moron calls the victim how many years later to their concience? That’s just stupid!

    Now for the socially responsible reaction:

    I’m glad they caught him. A moron like that deserves all he’s got coming to him.


  2. Edit:

    This line should read as follows: “what kind of moron calls the victim how many years later to ease their concience?”

  3. How about this: what a real change of conscience he must have had to admit, regardless of the consequences, what he had done. I’d bet he didn’t hide it for 22 years without having looked up the statute of limitations at some point. I’d say coming forward at this point shows he knew he was wrong and needed to face up to the truth.

    They didn’t catch him – he gave himself up.

  4. No, he did not. I heard he was shocked at the arrest. Read the Times Dispatch account. It’s much better.

  5. “what kinda moron calls the victim how many years later to their concience? That’s just stupid!”

    He wrote her a letter. Sent it to her home. Imagine the shock. Apparently, the University just up and gave him her address when he called them. And he did not graduate. Dropped out and went to rehab.

    Trust me. I know.

  6. I’m shocked when people are outraged that a rape is reported to an academic administration and nothing happens. Rape is a crime – a very serious crime. A dean is not equipped to deal with that. There is a group who is equipped – the police. Why would you tell your academic advisor instead of going to the police? When a UVA student stabbed someone on the corner, no one was outraged that the administration didn’t do anything about it. What’s the difference? A student committing a crime is no different that any other member of the community committing a crime – it should be handled by the police and courts.

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