5 thoughts on “Fire Knocks Out ABC 16”

  1. I, for one (and perhaps the only one,) enjoyed getting the digital signals. I rarely watch TV, but I caught a bit of the awful Redskins Sunday, and the picture was crystal clear. Normally 27 is rather snowy.

    Yes, I have no cable. And no DISH. And no DirecTV. I have the modern day equivalent of rabbit ears. And they picked up those digital signals very well.

    But the digital signal appear to be off again. I emailed WCAV engineering asking if/when they will be back.

    Or maybe they are still there and my antennae doesn’t work as well as I think it does? :P

  2. It’s my understanding that, given their frequency limitations, they must choose between a digital and an analog broadcast; they don’t have the bandwidth to do both. Given the paucity of digital tuners out there, the only logical choice is to broadcast in analog.

  3. I was assuming it was something like that. Then again, while analog 16 was off the air, analog 19 and 27 were still on the air, and all 3 networks were broadcasting digital (16.1 was CBS, .2 was ABC, .3 was Fox, and .4 looked like a local access-type channel.) So they had all their digital channels, and all but one analog channel, broadcasting at the same time. It could be that broadcasting that final analog channel does put them over some type of limit.

    For a guy who claims not to watch much TV, I sure knew what was and what was not broadcasting that night. :) But I only knew because of your post here, it came up on my Bloglines account, and I pretty quickly scurried to my TV to check out the new digital offerings. I was excited about it … and am now equally let down that the digital signals are gone. :(

    I’ll let you know if WCAV responds to my with any interesting information.

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