JMRL to Build in Downtown Crozet

A new regional library will be built in downtown Crozet, the County Board of Supervisors decided on Wednesday. They chose that site rather than the old school site, where Charlottesville Waldorf is now. The county has already set aside $6M to replace the tiny old railroad depot that they’re in now.

Spending $6M on a new building is nice, but how about the BoS ponies up a little extra cash so that the branches can be open reasonable hours? The county hasn’t increased spending on library operations to keep pace with inflation and cost-of-living increases, so the hours just have to keep getting cut back. The Crozet library doesn’t open until 1pm on Monday and Tuesday, closes at 5pm Wednesday through Saturday, and isn’t even open on Sunday. Northside opens at noon on Monday and Tuesday and is only open for four hours on Sunday. What’s the point of a $6M library if it’s locked and darkened? (Greene County, I’m looking at you.)

Man, “Waldorf” is a word that just freaks me out to write. I type “Waldo” and keep right on going…with an “rf.” Waldorf Waldorf Waldorf. Woah…dorf.

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