Adelphia Becomes Comcast

Adelphia has begun the transition to Comcast, John Yellig writes in today’s Progress, the result of Comcast’s$17.6B acquisition of Adelphia that went through this summer. Much like the current Sprint/Embarq switch they’ll gradually rebrand everything and move people on old plans onto new plans. They promise everybody rainbows and ponies and that we’ll all just be the best of friends, they just know it. I’m confident that we’ll all soon think of ironic applications for the trademark-verb “Comcastic” very soon.

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  1. Charlottesville already has HDTV, and has had it for a couple of years (WVIR was the first in this area). You just need an antenna, tuner, and HD-capable TV. Reception is excellent, the reception area is very wide, and it’s free. You can be quite sure that Comcast’s HD offerings will cost extra, and may not be the best resolution available.

  2. may not be the best resolution available

    I hope your wrong. They have been putting up a whole lot of fiber lately and I think that has to be a good sign, don’t you?

  3. Lots of fiber, along with the thousands of 1 foot long wire clippings that got left under those wires. Of course, I could care less about those. Having a cable company that isn’t a decade old in technology would be a good thing.

    C-Ville has HD, but where is our local FOX, CBS, and ABC cable? Getting the Richmond stations is a crapshoot depending on where you live in town.

    Of course C-Ville seems to love old school stuff. Go Allen.

  4. sure people with HDTV could get 29 with a turner. However they can’t CW in HD. Trust me I have already email them about it. And Doc is right, thanks to the new local stations Cville is shut out with CBS and ABC even if you got direct HD. BTW, you can still get fox in HD if you got direct. But what about those who can use direct TV. I have a friend who lives in a area where unless they bull dozes his neighbor’s house, he can’t direct or dish. So yeah, we got Crutchfield and many others offering high end TVs yet CVille lives in the stone age with that. I heard freakin Waynesboro got HD.

    I am wondering the reason why we don’t have it is that someone was protesting growth and maybe adding local HD serive and a Olive Garden might encourage it.

  5. So does anyone have a inside scoop on when they will actually offer up the goods? I have Direct and am thinking about upgrading the HD service, but if Comcast is going to have a better offering in a few months, I don’t want to pull the trigger. If it’s 8 months, I’d rather go ahead with Direct.

    The guys cabling my neighborhood said it was suppose to be up and running by Christmas. Can anyone confirm or refute that?

  6. Christmas of this year UberXY, 2006. They even said they were ahead of schedule and thought that it might be earlier than that, but something about a franchise contract saying it had to be in place by the new year.

  7. Perlogic says:Considering the mail I’ve gotten I think it would be in the next 60-90 days

    The only mail I have is centered on hi speed internet conversion – no HDTV mentioned unless I am to infer that.

  8. I’m dying here. I called to see if hi-def was available and after giving my zipcode she said yes.

    When I asked what programming came in hi-def, she asked for my address so she could check. After plugging in the address, she said sorry it’s not available. All the rates have been added to the system for 22902, but the service is not yet available.

    She said she had no info on when it would be. I can’t believe they will not announce some sort of date.

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