8 thoughts on “New Radio Station: “The Corner””

  1. The only radio I listen to these days is The Grateful Dead & Friends on WNRN on Saturday mornings. Outside of those three hours, I find the music radio in this town to be an excellent advertisement for Sirius Satellite Radio.

  2. The survey looks like they are aiming to compete against WNRN’s format, which isn’t dumb because NRN has a pretty wide audience and keeps expanding to new markets. Not to mention, NRN doesn’t generate ad revenue… But are they trying to maquerade as a college radio station?

    Personally, I’ll continue to support WNRN, because I like the character and the fact that being a community radio station allows them to play music that isn’t necessarilly lucrative (yet). If anything, I’d look to WNRN to continue to be creative in their programming, something commercial stations can’t do.

  3. looks like it’s going to be an “alternative” version of 3WV. so instead of hearing the same three lynyrd skynyrd, 38 special and journey songs repeated over and over, you’ll get to hear the same nirvana, fallout boy and RHCP songs played over and over.

    of course, i haven’t listened to local radio in 5 years since i got XM, so i couldn’t care less what they play.

  4. I saw the bumper sticker and I thought it menat we were getting a new Corner, as in new stores & restaurants. Anyone know of a good WiFi hotspot down there that’s open late? How about the Mall? I heard the whole Mall was covered, but I haven’t tried. I think Atomic Burrito would be difficult around 11pm! Or does Mudhouse stay hooked up when it’s closed?

  5. The mudhouse WiFi does stay on while it’s closed. You should be able to access it anytime. It doesn’t go too far, but it reaches the patio and possibly the other side of the street.

    And WNRN does generate ad revenue. I’ve been told that it’s around 300K a year. Sure they call it ‘underwriting’ but it’s revenue that can either go back into the station, or to the owner/head operator. In this case, it would appear that the vast majority of it is going back into the station — i.e. expanding into new markets.

  6. To Jeannine –

    If you like the Dead show on WNRN, you might also want to check out the Dead show, “Sunshine Daydream” on WTJU (91.1) that runs from noon until 2 on Saturday afternoons.

    And to leo_clinton, I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that since it’s a community station any revenues have to be put back into the station or into the community – the “owner” can’t just give himself a big ol’ raise. But as I said, I may be wrong.

  7. Thanks, Al! I have to admit that I’m biased towards the NRN guys. The times I’ve listened to Sunshine Daydream, it’s been a little more chatter than I like.

    On top of that, Marc & Pat give away tickets to a lot of local shows and meet & greets. I got to meet the Widespread Panic guys because of them. :)

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