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Charlottesville-based Musictoday, founded by Dave Matthews Band management in 2000, has sold a majority stake to event and venue management company Live Nation, Jane Dunlap Norris reports in today’s Daily Progress. Musictoday employs 200 people out at the old ConAgra plant, which band manager Coran Capshaw bought in 2001. Musictoday sells tickets and merchandise online, which dovetails nicely with Live Nation’s line of business. The two businesses also will be in a better position to combat the nemesis of each, Clear Channel. Musictoday has sold out to their spiritual nemesis, Clear Channel Entertainment, which was renamed Live Nation earlier this year. Live Nation == Clear Channel. Bummer.

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  1. Is Clear Channel really the nemesis of LiveNation? LiveNation spun out of Clear Channel in 2005, and the two company’s continue to share some of the same executive leadership.

  2. You’re absolutely right — I’m clearly confusing LiveNation with another company entirely. In fact, accordingly to the results of a quick google, Live Nation is nothing more than a renamed spin off of Clear Channel Entertainment.

    I’ve updated the story. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. How is Clear Channel their nemesis? Wouldn’t Ticketmaster be their primary competition? Or does Clear Channel own them as well?

  4. Musictoday’s founders, primaries and employees hated Clear Channel. They saw Musictoday as a launchpad to provide an artist-friendly challenge to Clear Channel, beginning with merch, then expanding to tickets, and then the world. Clearly that didn’t work out.

    Clear Channel doesn’t own Ticketmaster, but they do have an extremely friendly relationship with them. That’s because Clear Channel owns every major venue in this nation — something like 99 of the top 100 best-attended venues in the nation. And if Ticketmaster wants to sell tickets there, as they certainly do, they have to play very nicely with Clear Channel.

  5. Not to mention the California employees of Grateful Dead Productions, which got slurped up by MusicToday. From a bed of roses to a thorn bush, and now into the frying pan.

  6. Looks like that “hatred” of ClearChannel was overcome by fists full of cash. Funny how that happens. The evil empire is only evil until they make you an offer you can’t refuse. The service charges to shows at the Pavilion used to be reasonable. Kiss that notion goodbye.

    I hope the employees get a soft landing, at least.

  7. Actually, I’m pretty sure they didn’t. According to my source, no raises, no office upgrade, just back to business as usual. The huge cash influx won’t make its way to MusicToday’s employees, unfortunately.

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