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WCAV ScreenshotIn an article about podcasting — touching on Sean Tubbs Charlottesville Podcasting Network and Albemarle County’s podcasting of BoS and School Board meetingsWCAV announces that they have launched a podcasting service on their own. It’s a proper, full-on video podcast, with an RSS feed, properly-created Quicktime video, and only minor validation problems.

I griped about their lack of a video podcast in August of last year, forecasting that they’d probably never get around to it. I’m very happy to have been wrong about that. I can’t pick up any local TV stations at home, so I expect to watch these news updates regularly.

This isn’t quite the first local media podcast (The Hook claimed that mantle last week, and The Daily Progress has promoted podcasts by Charlottesville Podcasting Network, but they haven’t any of their own) but it is, oddly, the first media outlet with an RSS feed. Bravo to the Newsplex (whose name is still ridiculous) for leading the way.

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  • And I say Bravo to the Newsplex for continuing to work at least one nonsensical sentence into every story that finds its way to their website. What, for instance, does this line from today’s podcast story mean?

    “Podcast experts say podcasts are getting the same reactions as e-mail did when it first came out. One might even say that same as cable television.”

  • In the interview, I had compared the number of people who access media content through podcasts to the number of people who had cable television back in the early days. My point was that we’re still in the early adoption phase of a new distribution mechanism.

  • Makes sense. I apologize for the snarkiness.

  • No worries. I’m not even sure what I meant reading that quote!

  • Sean quote: “Podcast experts say podcasts are getting the same reactions as e-mail did when it first came out. One might even say that same as cable television.”

    Of course “when it first came out” is nebulous. “It” came out several times”.

    Please don`t take offense, I also had trouble with this phrase: “early adoption phase of a new distribution mechanism. ”

    Whaaaaaaaaat? A new government RDT&E program? Complete with scheduled and follow- on field tests inclusive of forecasted modifications to known out year post production system problems with funding to remain an unresolved program element ?

    I guess I`m as snarky as Ratboy and (I`m not sure what “snarky” means ), maybe worse. If becoming snarky requires an apology, I do apologize. It`s all in fun.

  • I wonder if 29 will follow suit. The station has some video on its site now…

  • Proctologistview: It’s quite simple – the paradigm shift inherent in today’s media environment requires the adoption of new terminology to complete the juxtaposition between two conflicting modes of digital transfer. Packets of information get lost as the connection between originator and audience frays. The government is tracking all of this to ensure performance meets expected targets.

  • I get it now – checking to see if it works right.


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