Money Magazine: We’re off the List

Last year Money Magazine ranked Charlottesville #90 on their Best Places to Live listing. (Or, as David Sewell rightly named it, “Best Places to Live if You Have Lots of Money and Don’t Like Living Around Poor People.”) Good news, kids: we didn’t make the list at all this year. And with Reston, Columbia, and Cherry Hill all featured , I’ll think of this as a list of 100 places I’d never want to live. Fort Collins, CO, we wish you luck with your inevitable unsustainable growth.

One thought on “Money Magazine: We’re off the List”

  1. Thank God! I am so sick of that crap. Let’s all just try and keep our heads down and keep Charlottesville out of the news for a few more years and maybe all those Yankees and out-of-staters from Northern Virginia will find some place else to ruin with bad suburban architecture and high taxes.

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