Runner’s World on Kelly Watt

It was one year ago this month that 18-year-old runner Kelly Watt died from the effects of heat stroke after training in 100° heat. Now Runner’s World magazine has an extended feature about him, entitled “The Last Run.” Writer Amby Burfoot lays out the narrative of Kelly’s run, medical crisis, and what’s gone on in his family’s life since. Even if you think you already know the story, it’s well worth the read.

(Via The Hook)

2 thoughts on “Runner’s World on Kelly Watt”

  1. A thoughtful article on what appears to have been an exemplary young man.

    Why did Kelly go running in that heat? Because he loved to run. Few who share that passion can claim that they’ve never run during similarly harsh conditions. It’s part of the experience.

    Why did this tragedy strike Kelly and his family? This is of course the timeless, unanswerable question. The apparent grace with which his family has accepted his passing is a lesson to us all, however.

  2. Now I feel reckless about running yesterday afternoon…but, I’m slow and not putting in those kinds of miles!

    This was a real tragedy; it seems like the real danger was picking a place which was fairly remote and not being able to notify anyone. Had he run with a partner or someplace with greater pedestrian traffic (more passers-by) perhaps the intervention could have happened much sooner and he would have recovered.

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