12 thoughts on “Google Maps Improves Satellite Photos”

  1. I wonder if these are aerial shots taken from a plane. Indiana’s googlemap/earth files are all plane photography.

  2. The above link actually takes you to Va. Beach, so either pan around, or just use the menu to search for C’ville.

  3. Clever. Too bad it’s not actually using data from Wikipedia. Many entries in Wikipedia are geo-encoded — that would be a clever mashup.

  4. Outside Cville, such as North Garden, Yahoo Maps beta is still better photographically. Inside Cville, Google maps is better. But which one sells out more Chinese dissidents? Yahoo I believe. Well I will try to use it without directing any revenue Yahoo’s way. Wait, I’m advertising it right here!

  5. waldo – wikimapia is simply using an API (application program interface) and sourcing the imagery/script to googlemap.

    ya know, cvillenews could have it too, for free….

  6. Oh, I’ve got a Google Maps API key — I’ve had much fun with it. I have a few local projects in mind for it that I may finally get around to doing soon.

  7. These are the mapping services USGS links to:

    USGS The National Map
    GNIS in Google Map
    NEW TerraFly.com
    TerraServer DRG USGS Digital Raster Graphic, a digitized version of a topographic map.
    TerraServer DOQ USGS Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle, an aerial photographic image map. Not available for all locations.
    Tiger Map Server U.S. Census Bureau.
    Find the Watershed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    It sure has changed a lot since the last time I looked. The entry point is here:

  8. these maps are always nice especially for terrorists needing a layout of site.

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