The Rest of the Fridays Lineup Announced

In a press release, The Charlottesville Pavilion has announced the second half of this year’s Fridays After Five lineup, from July 7 – September 15. That lineup consists of The Beetnix, Tea Leaf Green, Nighthawks, Tommy Wood, Andy Waldeck & the C’villians, DJ Williams Projekt, Terri Allard, Sons of Bill & Jim Waive, Sparky’s Flaw, The Houserockers, and Indecision, in that order.

3 thoughts on “The Rest of the Fridays Lineup Announced”

  1. Ooooooooooooooo The Houserockers!!!!! Maybe they’ll play their “Soul Man Medley!”

  2. I wish it would list the warm up bands. I’m more likely to know them.

    6/23/2006, Eric Lindell – New Orleans Rock and Soul.
    6/30/2006, Chickenhead Blues Band – Rockin’ Blues.
    7/7/2006, Beetnix backed by the Hamiltons – Hip Hop and Soul.
    7/14/2006, Tea Leaf Green – San Francisco Jams.
    7/21/2006, Nighthawks – Rockin’ Blues.
    7/28/2006, Tommy Wood – Traditional Country.
    8/4/2006, Andy Waldeck & The C-villians – Original Rock.
    8/11/2006, DJ Williams Projekt – Soul Funk Fusion.
    8/18/2006, Terri Allard – Americana Folk.
    8/25/2006, Jim Waive & The Young Divorcees and Sons of Bill – Rockin’ Country.
    9/1/2006, Sparky’s Flaw – Energetic Pop Rock.
    9/8/2006, Houserockers – Dance Favorites.
    9/15/2006, Indecision – Classic Rocking Jams.

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