Kuttner Buys Central Fidelity Building from Danielson

Developer Lee Danielson announced in 2003 he’d be building a nine-story hotel downtown, on the site of the old Central Fidelity building (and briefly Boxer Learning’s headquarters) at the corner of 2nd and East Main. It was his only remaining entanglements in Charlottesville after he was all but ridden out of town on a rail. By all accounts he never actually did anything to make the hotel happen, and now area developer Oliver Kuttner is buying the 22,000 square foot building for $3.7M, Courteney Stuart reports in this week’s Hook. Kuttner had sworn off any more developments in Charlottesville, having bought up a good chunk of downtown Lynchburg (an area poised for a real renaissance) in the past few years, but he’s apparently changed his mind. He intends to keep the exterior intact, while gutting the interior for restaurant and retail space.

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