Blog Carnival: Jim Duncan Hosts

With the weekly blog round up gone mobile, Jim Duncan bravely hosts this week’s Charlottesville Blog Carnival:

Lucretius reflects on the election, as does Rick.

DocMultimedia, the most ornery resident of the “village” reflects on the opening of the Mall while Jeannine wonders whether “pedestrian mall” means something else.

Waldo launched Virginia Political Blogs – an aggregator of perhaps the most active political blogosphere in the nation.

Anoop reveals that the Waffle House takes credit cards. Is the apocalypse really that close?

CvilleTomorrow notes the conflicts in installing a town within a town.

The end of this chapter in the Living Wage campaign. I have a feeling that it will be back.

Sean Tubbs with CPN is podcasting some of Charlottesville – Right Now. If only WINA would stream and podcast the entire shows…

Dave comments on immigration.

Joe continues his finding of some of the best stuff on the web. Bet on the price of gas!

Duane laments the continuing lack of geographic knowledge of America youth.

Private college counselors for the application-challenged.

Lexi is tired.

Next week, Anoop Ranganath takes on the challenge of hosting. If you see (or write) any blog entries this week that you particularly enjoy, tell Anoop.

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