Conversations with Bloggers: Eat Air

Sean Tubbs, of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, has begun a great new series on his site: conversations with Central Virginia bloggers. The first installment is a 20-minute long discussion with Chris and Darlene Bruce, who run Eat Air: A Vegan Food Log. Since November, the pair have posted daily blog entries about how to prepare meat-free, dairy-free dishes along with frank assessments of how they turned out.

One thought on “Conversations with Bloggers: Eat Air”

  1. veg·an ( P ) Pronunciation Key: ‘vE-g&n; ‘vej-&n, -“an (vgn, vjn)
    Function: noun

    One who is picky or finicky about everything that he or she eats; especially one who becomes evangelical about being picky and whiny over ingredients used in food preparation.

    [Short for vegetarian.]vegan·ism n.

    See also in thesaurus: picky, fussy, weak & malnourished.

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