Bomb Case Gag Debate, Conviction

In today’s Daily Progress, Liesel Nowak outlines the legal debate over the bomb trial gag order, describing the case as starting with a bang and ending with a whimper. But the debate may be irrelevant—both The Hook and The Richmond Times-Dispatch are reporting this evening that there is, in fact, no gag order. That’s how we now know that the 15-year-old in the case has been found guilty of two counts of conspiracy, and will be sentenced in two weeks.

Hawes Spencer writes:

“There’s no gag order,” says a deputy clerk in the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, after allegedly conferring with Susan L. Whitlock, judge in the high-profile case. The deputy clerk declined to give her name, and the similarly reluctant clerk of the court, Alice Price Waddy, confirmed the facts for a reporter.

Carlos Santos reports having the same experience—the clerk wouldn’t name herself, and wouldn’t provide any documents about the case.

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