Bomb Trial a Secret

Two months after an alleged school bomb plot was discovered by police, the trial is probably over and the kids have probably been found guilty or innocent of something. But nobody knows for sure, because the judge has placed a gag order on the proceedings, with Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos going so far as to threaten to track down the sources for reporters who print any details of the case, Liesel Nowak reports in today’s Daily Progress. It’s not known who is affected by the gag order, who requested it, or if we’ll ever find out if there really was a bomb plot. One local trial lawyer not involved with the case thinks she knows what’s going on:

“They sealed it because there is nothing. This is much ado about nothing,” lawyer Deborah C. Wyatt said. “It is my information that there is zero here other than talk. Nothing physical. No bombs, no explosive devices. Only e-mails.”

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