WVAX Is Coming

David Sewell writes: “Driving home from work tonight, I idly tuned the AM dial to 1450, promised home of WVAX, Air America in C’ville, which has been emitting nothing but faint static since reported interference problems took it off the air following an abortive first launch in January. Now, loud and clear, some sort of generic R&B song was playing. Hmph, I thought, Saga Communications has given up on Progressive Talk for liberal Charlottesville. But just as I reached for the dial, the song was replaced by an announcer proclaiming that yes, this was WVAX 1450, completing FCC-mandated signal testing, and that Real Soon Now it would be Charlottesville’s station where ‘the left is right!’, with the likes of Randy Rhodes, Al Franken, and Ed Schultz. For what it’s worth, its signal stayed with me all the way into White Hall, suggesting that 1450 is at WINA-level wattage rather than the more feeble level they were broadcasting at in January. Is WVAX here to stay this time?”

7 thoughts on “WVAX Is Coming”

  1. I’m able to get much of Air America’s programming via an XM station called America Left. I think it’s channel 167 or something. Put simply, in deference to those looking forward to hearing it, it is unspeakably bad.

    I’ll grant you my conservative leanings, but every show I’ve ever listened to, with the possible exception of Ed Schultz, has been execrable. No wonder its ratings are in the toilet nationwide.

  2. They need Amy Goodman. Her show is straightforward, listenable and does not try to be cute. The few times I’ve tried to listen to Air America or Sirius’s left channels, I’ve quickly tuned away. I’d even rather hear Limbaugh or Liddy. Savage if you want to get scared.

  3. I am with the Judge and colfer on this one: for my entertainment dollar I would rather listen to recovering drug addicts like Limbaugh or sexual harrassers like O’Reilly telling me what is wrong with America than some boring old comedian like Al Franken.

  4. It’s not like I’m awaiting WVAX with bated breath. As I wrote the first time news of the station was posted, “Rachel Maddow is the only Air America Radio host I’ve heard who is regularly worth listening to, and it looks like she won’t be on the WVAX schedule.”

    These days when I have time to listen to something radio-ish, it’s most often a podcast. The best current affairs podcast out there that I’ve found is from Radio Open Source, which runs interviews by Christopher Lyndon. He’s one of the best interviewers in the business, he gets first-rate guests, and although his politics tend to left-of-center he books conservatives as well and lets them talk when they’re on.

  5. Did Air America ever repay the children’s charity in NYC for the money they were given by the charities board? I remember the state attny general was after them since the money had been given to the charity by the feds for work with children and not to support a private company. However I haven’t seen any followup to the story after Air America promised to put the money in escrow.

  6. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they have repaid the “loan.” It was like $750,000.

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