Woolen Mills Traffic

I’ve decided to broaden the range of source material that I use for stories on cvillenews.com, and that means highlighting material from local blogs that addresses local matters. I can’t think of anything better to start with than Bill Emory‘s great blog entry from yesterday.

He’s provided a comprehensive piece about automobile traffic in the Woolen Mills, where he lives, looking at the history of the neighborhood, the cause of the problem, its immediate symptoms, a suggestion of how the city might address it, and even some photos (naturally — this is Bill Emory, after all) and a hand-drawn map.

So old houses are closer to the road because they were built before the ubiquity of the internal combustion engine. I had no idea.

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  • Thanks for the link, and the nod to our little neighborhood. The houses close to the street are one of my favorite things about living in Woolen Mills, but when I start telling most people about how pleasant that is, and that it’s actually a strange and new thing to hide away from the road, people find the ideas challenging. Noise pollution. Light and air pollution. I was able to see the truck and how it was affecting traffic fairly well. As Mr. Emory noted, the traffic pattern handled it pretty well, aside from some rubbernecking (that’s a BIG truck!). Some kind of more permanent traffic calming type approach may make a lot of sense in Woolen Mills.

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