The Hook Launches a Blog

Just six days after the Daily Progress launched a blog, The Hook has launched a blog of their own. In a note from editor Hawes Spencer in this week’s issue, the paper announces their plan to “provide both a digest of local news and a mix of fresh observations as well as that thing we were put on this earth to do: fresh reporting.”

So far I’m impressed. The paper has been maintaining the blog in secret for some time now, as evidenced by the backlog of posts, and the mixture of types of stories covered and sources demonstrate a commitment to not just rehashing what’s in the paper, but providing new information and, when appropriate, crediting and linking stories to competing local media outlets. The site is run on WordPress, the software that powers this blog. The only gaffe is a failure to include an author on blog entries, which isn’t very bloggy, but if that’s my biggest complaint, that’s pretty good.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I eagerly await the day when local media websites are so good, and the local blogging community so strong, that no longer serves a purpose. I will happily shut down this site on that day, and I encourage area bloggers and media outlets to do what they can to hasten its demise.

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