Charlottesville Geocaching

Bryan McKenzie has a great piece in today’s Daily Progress about geocaching:

Go online to a game site such as and look up your Zip code. Choose a cache to find, download the coordinates into your GPS or print out the topographic map and go hunting. Some are hard to find, some are easy. But they are everywhere.


Within a 10-mile radius of downtown Charlottesville there are 36 caches. Within 25 miles there are 88. Draw a 100-mile circle around town and you can hunt for 1,957 bits of hidden treasure. Caches come in all sizes. There are small caches the size of a Starbuck’s vanilla mint tin. There are some as small as your fingertip and some the size of a 5-gallon bucket.

Having gotten a GPS for Christmas, I’m totally geeked at the prospect of so many caches in the area.

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