Interview with Professor Bebop

I’ve been listening to Professor Bebop’s R&B show on WTJU since I was a kid. It’s the show I’ve listened to more regularly, and certainly look forward to more, than any other local radio program. In the mid 90s, when I DJd at WTJU, I’d hoped I’d meet the professor himself, but I never did. Throughout, I’ve heard rumors that he’s actually a principal of a school in town, but I never knew if there was anything to it.

In this week’s Hook, Lisa Provence interviews Dave Rogers, aka Professor Bebop. (Shocker: He’s white!) Turns out he’s the principal at Jack Jouett, and used to be principal at Walker and Buford. The piece is a great read for fans of his show.

2 Responses to “Interview with Professor Bebop”

  • Here’s the most wonderful and remarkable part of the interview:

    Most embarrassing moment? Losing my composure with a student and acting like a bigger jerk than I thought he was being by trying to belittle and intimidate him in front of the class. I had to acknowledge my behavior to his parents in an angry conference. Fortunately, I learned some valuable lessons about giving and receiving respect, and I’ve dedicated myself to modeling that since that time.

    This is a principal of a public middle school, who understands and acknowledges bad behavior towards a student. I’m so pleased that Dave Rogers (can we call him Mr. Rogers?) has made this public statement of the importance of treating students with respect. Three cheers for Professor Bebop!

  • The Professor was a staple of my ill-spent youth in the early 80s too. I was stunned to learn his real identity. One of the all-time best Christmas presents I ever received was a pair of cassettes of two different shows. A friend who worked as a teacher under Dave Rogers was able to obtain them for me. Treasured items that they are, I have transferred them to CD and make digital copies for myself as the cd’s get scratched up. What a hoot – I still tune in every chance I get. What treasures for C’vill both WTJU and Dave Rogers are.

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