DUI Ends Hazzard-Style

Check out WINA’s description of a hellacool accident last night:

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, there was a short pursuit involving a state trooper and a speeding vehicle. The car was pulled over on 5th Street Extended near I-64, the driver got out of the car and fled, and the trooper eventually called in a tow-truck to haul away the suspect vehicle. At around 2:30 a.m., a 2003 Ford Taurus approaching the three parked vehicles at a high rate of speed hit the state trooper’s cruiser and the suspect’s car, and then went up the tow truck ramp that had been lowered. The car flew up the ramp, over the cab of the tow truck and then landed right-side up on all four wheels in front of the tow truck. There were no injuries.

State Police say the driver of the airborne car was 34-year-old Jodie Ellen Finney of Blue Jay Way in Albemarle’s Briarwood subdivision. State Police say Finney was charged with DUI.

If that trooper had a camera rolling on the dash, they’d best release that video. I want a voiceover, too: “Look out, sheriff! The General Lee ain’t known for its wings, and I can guess what ol’ Jodie Finney is thinkin’ right now. Set a spell, folks, and see Enos get madder than a weasel in a gum-bush.”

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