3 thoughts on “BoS Approves Annual Decals”

  1. Two questions I have. Let’s say I live in Charlottesville; 1) Can I get my Registration renewed (the licence plate decal) without paying the fee that the city (and county) still wants to charge? If yes than 2) What are the enforcement procedures now that there’s no sticker in the window (for the city)?

    My point being, as I’ve said in other threads on this subject, these fees the “Auto Property Tax” (which in my understanding has always been tied to the city or county sticker) should be completely linked to the yearly DMV registration/plate decal. One trip, one transaction.

  2. I think the city will be simply making up the lost ticket revenue by assessing very steep penalties for unpaid taxes on vehicles that are registered by the DMV as being “garaged in” the city. That will provide the coercive stick too. I think your right: these taxes should be handled at the state level, but it is a local tax source. That’s really what was behind the decal wars as well – the city wants to be sure they extract all the revenue they possibly can from every possible source.

  3. TrvinMn – the answer to your first question is NO – you can’t renew the license plate without the DMV having record of the taxes being paid.

    It does leave some slack time in the process – if your plates expire late in the year, it may take several months to catch up with you. But there are already interest and penalties built in to the tax collection process which should address those.

    I’m wondering how this all works in with the current ability to renew state plates for 2 years.

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