Gubernatorial Candidates on 29 Bypass

TrvlnMn writes: “The candidates for state govenor take positions of
varying degrees on a much needed (?) U.S. 29 bypass during typical election year campaigning and illustrating they are both willing to jump (probably blindfolded) into the quagmire that is the area’s transportation and development issues. From today’s article in the Daily Progress:

Jerry W. Kilgore supports a U.S. 29 bypass around Charlottesville…


“I would be willing to work with this region to determine the site” of a U.S. 29 bypass route, Kilgore said this month. “I think it’s time to get it started.”

“I think it’s important for this region and it’s very important for the regions south of here,” the GOP candidate said.

Democratic candidate Timothy M. Kaine holds very different views on transportation and criticized the Charlottesville U.S. 29 proposed western bypass route as outdated because development has overtaken that route’s usefulness.

Kaine expressed interest in a much longer parkway route proposed in recent months by Del. Mitchell Van Yahres, D-Charlottesville, that would take the northern end of a parkway around much of northern Albemarle’s development along U.S. 29….

I wouldn’t be surprised if the candidates’ positions on the bypass swayed some votes in Albemarle.

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