Ivy Landfill Sued for 2003 Death

In April of 2001, Ivy residents were angry about being placed under a gag order preventing them from criticizing the Ivy Landfill. Two years later, landfill manager Wayne Stephens was killed when cutting an oil storage tank open — it exploded. In August of 2003, OSHA cited the landfill for serious violations of federal workplace safety regulations. Now Stephens’ widow has filed a $16M lawsuit against the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority, claiming that her husband would not have died if residents were permitted to voice their safety concerns, Liesel Nowak reports in today’s Daily Progress.

This case was already dismissed by Judge Norman Moon in August, but attorney Deborah Wyatt has strengthened her client’s case and refiled it, hoping that new evidence will permit the case to go forward.

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