Rolling Stones Bomb Threat

Tonight’s Stones concert at Scott Stadium was abruptly halted shortly after it began, after a bomb threat was called in. The Daily Progress was the first to report this, via their Stones show quasi-blog, writing:

Mick Jagger announced that the band had been told by authorities they needed to take a 10-minute break because of a technical problem.

Afterward, several police officers appeared on stage with dogs.

Several thousand people seated on the field were evacuated, and the dogs sniffed around the stage and the field in front of the stage.

On their 11pm broadcast, NBC 29 reported that it wasn’t until an hour later that the show started again; clearly, the problems were not technical in nature. Bomb threats became a nasty habit at UVa in 2002, but hadn’t been an issue for the past few years. The Stones intend to play a full show, despite, planning to wrap up shortly after midnight.

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