New apartments coming to corner district

The Daily Progress and the Cav Daily both have articles about the upcoming expansion of the historic corner district. From the Daily Progress:

The skyline around the Corner district is going to rise over the next couple of years as developers scramble to build high-density apartment buildings permitted under relatively new zoning laws.

One development already has opened and construction on two more has begun. At least three more developments have been proposed.

Altogether, the developments would add at least 185 new apartments to Charlottesville’s current stock of rental properties.

The apartment buildings will range between three and five stories tall, taking advantage of a September 2003 rewrite – the first in many years – of the city’s zoning ordinance designed to increase development density.

In addition, there are two condominium developments slated to open in 2007 that will bring 80 units to the market.

Apparently, new limitations on the number of cars that U.Va. students can bring to town were a “motivating factor” in the zoning process. I always knew that Parking and Transportation was involved in some sort of sinister conspiracy against us… I wonder if the residents of the new apartments will have to pay outrageous fees to park in an obscenely distant location, or if they will get a nice personal parking space where the historic stuff used to be. Pave paradise and put up apartments, that’s what I always say.

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