Local efforts for Katrina victims

Since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, residents of Charlottesville have offered generous assistance to the victims in a variety of ways. It has been truly heartening to watch the community come together, though not at all surprising if you know Charlottesville. These are the efforts I’ve heard about, though I’m sure that more is going on.

The Charlottesville fire department has sent its communications interoperability unit to affected areas. The team set up internet access in a Mississipi hospital, and have since been sent to Gulfport, Louisiana to offer assistance.

The owners of the Starlight bus line, Oliver Kuttner and David New, collected enough donations to fill two busses with supplies. On the return trip, the busses will bring up to 20 families back to Charlottesville, where the newly formed Charlottesville Hurricane Relief Initiative will provide free housing and medical care.

U.Va. is offering temporary admission to Virginia students who were enrolled in New Orleans institutions. So far, 87 affected students have enrolled. U.Va. students also collected donations for the Red Cross at today’s football game.

Four members of the Calvary Chapel drove south to bring free water to victims, at their own expense. The group is planning to return on September 8th, and is currently accepting donations for the trip:

They have been asked to collect items such as powdered milk, baby formula, diapers, bug repellant, flashlights, first aid supplies, toothbrushes and soap.
These items can be dropped off at the Calvary Chapel on 1195 5th Street S.W. by Wednesday Sept. 7, 2005.

In another local effort (mentioned here), eleven year old Dakotah Spencer is collecting donations of books, toys, clothing, and other items for children. You can deliver supplies to Dakotah in the Lowes parking lot on Monday, September 5th, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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