Girl Prevails in Police Collision Case

In June, the Daily Progress and WINA reported two different versions of the same story — in one, a police officer collided with two cars, while in another, two cars collided with her car. The family of the 17-year-old girl blamed in the accident accused the police of a cover-up, saying that the police officer was at fault. They’ve now been vindicated, as John Yellig reported in the Progress this weekend:

Traffic charges against a Charlottesville teen who crashed into an Albemarle County police cruiser were dismissed Friday, supporting the girl’s assertion that the officer was at fault, her family said.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard A. DeLoria declined to prosecute Alicia Parolisi, 17, on the charge of failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.


Two other charges, driving outside of restrictions and driving while not licensed, were dismissed at Parolisi’s hearing, which was held in Albemarle Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Score one for the little guy.

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