Family: Police Covering Up Testimony

Earlier this month, the Daily Progress and WINA reported two different versions of the same story — in one, a police officer collided with two cars, while in another, two cars collided with her car.

Well, the mother of the 17-year-old girl driving one of those cars isn’t happy about this. (The girl, incidentally, had been driving for just four days when the incident took place. She’d gotten her car the previous day.) Writes John Yellig in today’s Progress:

In traffic court on Tuesday, Albemarle County General District Judge William Barkley dismissed a charge of failure to yield the right of way against Officer Caroline Morris after hearing testimony from her and the young driver and a summary of witness statements presented by traffic Officer Todd Lytton.

The judge might not have dismissed the charge had he heard directly from the witnesses, at least one of whom believed Morris was at fault in the May 31 collision, the girl’s mother, Dawn Davis, said.

The Daily Progress quoted witnesses in their story who supported the girl’s version of the story. Now the girl is going on trial in August for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and the police are issuing subpoenas.

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