Judge: No Shotgun Sports in Nelson

Circuit Judge J. Michael Gamble (what’s with area judges named “J. Michael”?) ruled yesterday that the Nelson County BOS was not in violation of the state’s constitutional right to hunt when they refused to grant a special-use permit to Orion Estate for a clay-pigeon-shooting facility. Orion claimed that the constitutional right to hunt protected their right to maintain a practice shooting facility. Nelson claimed that shooting clay discs is not, in fact, hunting. Gamble sided with Nelson, writing: “Shooting sporting clays is not the pursuit of game. It is essentially shooting at an inanimate object.” The year-long case was one of more talked-about matters in Nelson in quite some time.

Braxton Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “Judge: No Shotgun Sports in Nelson”

  1. I’m going to file for a permit to build a REAL pigeon shooting facility. Oh wait, there are no piegons in nelson. Maybe we can import some from cville.

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