Louisiana Griffin Lawsuit Settled

Outgoing Charlottesville schools superintendent Scottie Griffin, the target of a lawsuit by her former executive secretary in the New Orleans public school system, has found the lawsuit settled between the school system and the complainant. Janice Clay was given $35,000 — the amount that she sued for — because Griffin “disconnected her telephone numbers and refused to get in contact with lawyers,” and wouldn’t appear in court. Without Griffin, the school system was unable to defend themselves, though they maintain that Griffin was not at fault. Even her own attorney, Roy Rodney, said that he had no idea of how to track her down.

Reporters in Charlottesville looking to interview Griffin, during the superintendent kerfuffle, had a similar experience — she simply refused to talk. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

7 thoughts on “Louisiana Griffin Lawsuit Settled”

  1. The terms of Griffin’s buyout in Charlottesville will soon be known. It’s no surprise she’s fallen off the face of the earth for the time being.

  2. I can’t hold my tongue — this was really nasty of her. She couldn’t even be bothered to return the phone call of the attorney representing her, potentially saving her school district tens of thousands of dollars. She has insisted that the accusations were baseless — if that’s so, why didn’t she at least attempt to rebut them?

    Her leaving her old school district high and dry is just the latest sign that Griffin simply doesn’t have our school district’s interests in mind. I can’t see why she’d treat our district any better once she leaves than she treated New Orleans. Here’s hoping nobody sues the school district over Ms. Griffin’s behavior — we couldn’t even count on her to defend herself and, by extension, us.

  3. The New Orleans school district may have said the same thing, only to find themselves a) sued and b) without any ability to defend themselves after she wouldn’t return her lawyer’s calls.

    These matters have a long tail.

  4. Let it go! That’s an easy thing to say IF you just heard about her but didn’t have to work under her. Of course, I admit, hearing all the Things she did at Central, with staff, community and the board…well, you just could not believe an educated woman would act the way she did. So it was hard to believe all the stories. But she was that bad and she did act that way.

    And then, to have Turner come to the school board meetings, along with the Johnsons telling the board how racist they were and how they owed Scottie an apology (for crying out loud), well, it just defys imagination. And where is Turner now? If I were he, I would hide my head in shame for supporting Scottie. It was like, “well, she’s black, therefore, we have to support her!!!!! No matter what!!!!!” I would have liked to see him work for her!!!! ALONG WITH the Johnsons. Wonder how long her black brothers and sisters would have lasted then.

    I know for a fact that she bragged in the community what a mess Central was, how she had to clean it up, how she had written up principals and so forth! This was an educated, compassionate woman! This was a woman of no scruples whose only agenda was hers, PERIOD!

    What I can’t understand is how this woman goes from place to place pulling this stuff, then lasts for months only in a job, and then leaves only to be hired again. Hopefully this last episode will put an end to her jobs.

    But I am curious as to CVilletransplant’s statement. She’s off the face of the earth until we hear about her buyout. I need clarification cause does that mean, a) she’s off the face of the earth because she got a fabulous, never-has-to-work again settlement or b.)she’s off the face of the earth because she didn’t get a fabulous settlement, or c) something else.

  5. Scottie Griffin cost the city taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Ardee didn’t show up for a day and earned well over $120,000, thank you Dr. Griffin for that huge waste of money.
    Dr. Griffin has made a living…much like Dr. Daniel, in raking in cash, when you’re not in office. It’s not July 1, so Dr. Griffin is still pulling in a monthly paycheck in the 6 to 7 thousand dollar range, and that’s after taxes.
    The smartest move the city could make is to hire Bobby Thompson as our superintendent and figure out a way to keep him. There is NO WAY we can compete on the job market with Albemarle County. I don’t think Irving would even look at the city twice!
    An elected school board in 2008 might have a chance to get the city school system on the right track, otherwise, it’s time to merge with the county.

  6. Scottie Griffin has received a fabulous settlement and now, she’ll pick up and get another job as a top administrator in another unassuming town.

    Griffin stands to rake in more than $300,000 of Charlottesville taxpayer money. With the latest property assessments, this is a dismal waste of money and a token to the misguided Charlottesville school board.

    Anyone who thinks this city is not in need of an elected school board should take a close hard look at the exorbitant waste of money, resources and time.

    No school board member should be permitted to remain on that indignified body beyond their term.

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