Bob Gibson Savages Scottie Griffin


When members of the Charlottesville School Board hired Scottie Griffin as the city’s school superintendent, did they check out her background?

Did they know that Griffin had sued the Flint, Mich., school system in 1999 and that the suit was settled behind closed doors?


Did they know that about 30 students and two parents had picketed outside Flint’s Dort Elementary School when Griffin was principal there asking that she be removed from her position?


Did the Charlottesville School Board know when they hired Griffin from New Orleans that she was being sued there in federal court?


Did anyone in Charlottesville know that two months after Griffin started in New Orleans that Clay had informed her she was requesting a transfer away from Griffin “due to intolerable working conditions?”

The list goes on, and on, and on. Some folks here on had done some homework on Griffin and dug up a couple of these things, but obviously the Progress has been hard at work, because, as I said: damn.

It’ll be in Sunday’s paper, but it’s online now.

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