Charlottesville Podcasting Network

Local fella Sean Tubbs has set up what could be a fantastic new resource — the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. Podcasting was invented last year, and is defined by Wikipedia as:

A podcast can be described as an audio magazine subscription, in that a subscriber receives programs without having to get them, and can listen to them at leisure. It can also be thought of as the internet equivalent of timeshift-capable digital video recorders (DVRs) such as TiVo, which let users automatically record and store television programs for later viewing.

Podcasting essential does with audio what blogs have done with the written word — that is to say, democratize and decentralize it. Freed from the constraints of radio, long-form niche programming becomes possible. Sean has set up the Charlottesville Podcasting Network for those who have audio to share of local events, whether it be a concert, a speech, or an interview.

On Monday, C’ville Podcasting had a feature by Tubbs about the Salmagundi Film Festival. Tuesday, Janis Jaquith (my momma) interviewed the Thomas Jefferson Center for Free Expression’s Robert O’Neill about the Jefferson Muzzle Awards that were just announced. Though you can listen with fancy software, you can also just check out the blog entry for each piece and click to download the MP3.

Having helped out Sean a tiny little bit while he’s set this up, I’ve kept a close eye on the site, but I’ll certainly continue to do so. I feel good about what Charlottesville Podcasting Network can add to the mix of local media.

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