Caravati: School Board Chair to Blame

In yesterday’s monthly joint meeting of the school board and City Council, City Councilor Blake Caravati seemed to be chalking up the recent school troubles to poor leadership on the part of board chair Dede Smith. In today’s Progress, James Fernald writes:

City councilors and the School Board focused on low morale in Charlottesville’s schools at a joint meeting Wednesday, with one councilor laying the blame on poor leadership of the board.

Blake Caravati said part of the problem is comparatively low proposed teacher raises in next year’s school budget.

Several times during the meeting, Caravati questioned whether “Madam Chair” – Dede Smith – could “lead the board to make this budget work.”

Smith responded: “If you want to make me the scapegoat, fine.”

The board is meeting tonight. Presumably, the drama will continue.

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