Jackson Declares Candidacy for ’06

Sometimes, the parody just writes itself. A year and a half before the election, Kenneth Jackson has declared his candidacy for City Council as an independent. Jackson, along with Ann Reinicke, ran as a Republican in the last election, but both were soundly defeated by the Democrats, with Jackson receiving just 10% of the vote. Helping nothing was the Daily Progress‘ February ’04 revelation that then-candidate Jackson had been convicted of assault and battery four times over the course of a decade, three times with a knife. The best thing that he had going for him in the race was a bizarre endorsement by the very newspaper that revealed his penchant for stabbings, who asked, hilariously, “What other candidate has seen the law enforcement system, the court system, the social services system from the perspective of somebody in trouble?” Jackson intends to use the leftover money from his ’04 race to start off his ’06 race. The Charlottesville Republicans, who have the cash, will likely beg to differ. John Yellig had the story in yesterday’s Progress.

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  1. Actually, this inaccurate interpretation of last spring’s Council election results was corrected in a comment to the original story.

    "..actually 29% of the 5,339 who voted selected Kenneth Jackson, not 10%."

    Democrats Sweep Council Elections (May 4 2004)


    In that election, Cville Indy was the only media outlet to publish the actual results so you can count the votes yourself.

    Dems keep Charlottesville: Stay the course, don’t look back


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