Northtown Center Submits Proposal

Ryo_Road writes: Today (February 22, 2005) the Albemarle County planning comminssion plans to discuss the plans of the newest shopping center destined for the Charlottesville area. According to the planning agenda the center has plans for a bank, resturaunt, and several retail stores. The developers will face a hurtle, however. Neighbors in two subdivisions, Woodbrook and Carsbrook, plan to attend the meeting to fight the project. If, or better yet when, the project is approved it will continue the historical trend of building up 29 solid all the way to Ruckersville. Commission notes can be found at

3 thoughts on “Northtown Center Submits Proposal”

  1. Oh knowing this town they will. Actually I heard the decesion was indefinatly defered. A plan being deferred in Charlottesville indefinatly. … now thats suprising. Speaking of defferals the city "side lined" plans for the Meadowcreek Parkway AGAIN! These city councilers need to be punished for their indecision. Its obvious that they dont know how to move forward plans. I would like to see all of them voted out the next election…. Chances of that happening are slim but I can dream cant I?

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