Stopping a Jailbreak May Not Be a Good Idea

In August, when a bunch of inmates tried to escape from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, a few of them rescued a guard being held hostage by the group and tried to end the uprising. Their efforts did not go unnoticed by other inmates, with whom they’re no longer particularly popular. One man, Marshall Shelton, has been told by fellow inmates that if he’s sent to prison, he’ll be killed for his actions. The $10 reward that he received from the jail superintendent may be insufficient to justify that danger. Liesel Nowak has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “Stopping a Jailbreak May Not Be a Good Idea”

  1. so, if they let this guy go to prison and get whacked, what happens next time there’s trouble at the jail and the only person who might be able to save a cop’s life is an inmate? i’m not saying let the guy go completely, but there ought to be something they can do for him.

  2. And you gotta wonder what would have happened to this guy if the guard had been injured or killed. Would he have been charged as being responsible if he could have helped but didn’t?

    The inmate clearly did the right thing. Was the guard’s safety worth only $10? If so, then that might explain whey they always seem to be complaining about being understaffed.

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