UVa Student Suicide

Cecil writes: Apparently a UVa 2nd-year student committed suicide on 11/23; the Cav Daily reports on the story here. Here’s my question: as far as I can tell, the Daily Progress has not yet reported this story. I knew of the suicide on 11/24, from an email I received as a UVa employee. But I could find no mention of it in the DP from 11/24 on. (I could be wrong, though I did check every day.) So I guess I’m baffled by what appears to be a show of restraint? by a for-profit news organization. Someone with formal journalism experience, enlighten me–would the DP be holding off on reporting the story out of respect for the parents/friends? on the request of UVa, not to have a downer story circulate right before Thanksgiving? (I’ve ruled out the idea that the DP would not find this newsworthy, and I would hope that the DP would have known about it….)

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