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UVa Student Suicide

Cecil writes: Apparently a UVa 2nd-year student committed suicide on 11/23; the Cav Daily reports on the story here. Here’s my question: as far as I can tell, the Daily Progress has not yet reported this story. I knew of the suicide on 11/24, from an email I received as a UVa employee. But I could find no mention of it in the DP from 11/24 on. (I could be wrong, though I did check every day.) So I guess I’m baffled by what appears to be a show of restraint? by a for-profit news organization. Someone with formal journalism experience, enlighten me–would the DP be holding off on reporting the story out of respect for the parents/friends? on the request of UVa, not to have a downer story circulate right before Thanksgiving? (I’ve ruled out the idea that the DP would not find this newsworthy, and I would hope that the DP would have known about it….)

Cav. Daily: Hook’s UVa Coverage “Viciously Slanted”

In today’s Cavalier Daily, columnist Nick Chapin devotes his column space to attacking The Hook (“Bad journalism at its worst“), saying that, in their recent coverage of UVa-related issues, they “cast aside the most basic journalistic principle, objectivity, in favor of viciously slanted reporting.” Chapin picks out three recent Hook stories — “The verdict: Sisk’s family speaks out,” “Gags off: Students speak out on rape,” and “How UVA turns its back on rape” — and says that in the case of all three stories, the weekly “marred coverage of serious topics with manipulation and blatant invective.” Two of the articles in question are by staff writer Lisa Provence, and one is by senior editor Courtney Stuart. Is this just a case of an upstart college student upset to find his school on the wrong end of the news cycle? Or are the accusations true, and has The Hook failed to live up to basic journalistic standards?

County Assessments Up Sharply…Again

Just like two years ago, assessments of Albemarle County real estate value are going up again sharply, likely around the level of the 18.7% increase in ’03, WINA reports. The biannual assessments are based on the actual value of homes, and do not reflect any action or decision on the part of the county; they are a product of the free market. Still, reassessments piss people off, and as the notices begin to go out, there’s no reason to expect otherwise this time around.

Local Man Killed in Fallujah

Twenty-year-old Bradley Thomas Arms, a 2002 graduate of Covenant, was killed during the invasion of Fallujah, Iraq on Friday. Arms was a University of Georgia student and a Marine. He shipped out to Iraq in August, and was a part of the first group of forces to enter the city of Fallujah. Julie Stavitski has the story in the Progress.

On-Street Parking Victory for Citizens

Attorney and downtown resident Jock Yellott chalked up a victory for the parking public this week, with City Council’s passage of an amendment to the parking ordinance which will involve the public in changes made to on-street parking. A year ago, the sheriff’s office took over some parking in Court Square, in a manner that appeared illegal, so Yellott gathered the legal ammunition to convince Council to require much more obvious public notice and citizen involvement before any removal of or modification of any on-street parking in the city. John Yellig has the story in today’s Progress.



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