Boulders Keeping County Safe

In an effort to keep the county safe from terrorists, the entrance to the county office building has been strewn with boulders. Twelve of them have been arranged in a circle, at a cost of $4,000, to protect the building in the case of the national threat level being raised to code orange. The boulders replace police cars that had previously been arranged in the same place as circumstances necessitated, also to protect the county office building from boulder-averse terrorists seeking to strike fear into the heart of Charlottesvillians. Julie Stavitski has the story in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “Boulders Keeping County Safe”

  1. I thought I moved away from DC to get away from stupid stuff like this. It might be possible that boulders are cheaper than parking police cars in front of the building, but does anyone think any of this is necessary? The funny thing is that the boulders will still be there if the threat level ever goes back to fuchsia, or whatever color represents a sane reaction to bomb toting nut-cases.

  2. “The vulnerability of the entrance was an issue we needed to deal with,” Catlin said


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