Amphitheater Turned Over to Capshaw

Two weeks ago, City Council voted to turn over the downtown amphitheater to Coran Capshaw (DMB manager, local real estate guy, etc.), loaning him $3.4M to overhaul the current amphitheater layout and create a covered venue, as a part of the redesign of the east end of the Downtown Mall. Capshaw has agreed to hold 50 events there each year, which the city estimates will fatten city coffers by $150k-$200k each year. Notably, there is no requirement that the amphitheater continue to be available to the Charlottesville Downtown Foundation for Fridays After Five, but instead stipulates that some sort of a cheap or free weekly event take place each week. Finally, Capshaw has been given naming rights, so the downtown amphitheater could become “The MusicToday Pavilion,” if he saw fit. Lisa Provence has the story in the current Hook.

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