New WINA Website

WINA has launched a new and improved version of their website, and it’s better than ever. Every couple of years, their website is improved a little bit — they’ve gone from a plain-text no-archival system to a database-driven dynamic site with full news archives. The new site shows fewer stories, but provides links to all items, features their community calendar more strongly, and provides space for their internal promotions. In addition, the new layout is considerably more streamlined.

2 thoughts on “New WINA Website”

  1. Here’s some of the changes that I’d love to see WINA make:

    • An RSS/Atom feed
    • The reconciliation of the font sizes — they’re reasonable on the front page, but huge when reading a news story.
    • A search engine
    • A browseable index
    • W3C/Section 580 HTML compliance (glass stones, houses, I know… :)

    But this is mostly picky stuff. It’s a nice looking site.

    OK, I need to stop goofing around and get back to work on my finals. :)

  2. John, the webmaster of, has pointed out (and I think it’s worth passing along) that the major effect of the new site design is to have more than just news. The old site presented lots and lots of news right up front. Good for me, since I’m only interested in news, but not so good for WINA, who does much more than that. So while there is less news on the front page, there’s now the news page, and the front page now showcases more of what WINA does.

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